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…. let a Horse whisper in your ear & breath on your heart

Equestrian Photographer and Equine Photography

The unique connection …

.... captured by your Equestrian Photographer

…. it is that special bond between Horse and Rider –  trust, companionship, and respect.

But have you ever stopped to think why we’re so head over heels for horses?

Whether it’s the soft nuzzle of their muzzle or the sound of their hoofbeats, being around horses brings us pure joy.

Capturing those moments through equine photography!

I’m talking about freezing those moments – from thrilling rides through open fields to quiet moments of connection in the barn.

It’s about honoring that special bond we share with our horses.

Let me showcase that unique connection – the silent understanding, the shared experiences, the pure love between you and your Horse with my me as your Equestrian Photographer. 

"Freezing Time - because every moment counts!"

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Horse Show Photographer

As your Horse Show Photographer, I have the incredible privilege of capturing those moments when you and your horse shine in the show ring. Check out your galleries to see how I’ve captured your moments of triumph. Let these photos testify to your hard work and dedication in the equestrian world.

Hey there! I'm Nicole Pols, your dedicated equestrian photographer!

A camera in one hand, a cup of coffee in the other (because let’s face it, caffeine is my secret weapon!), and a big ol’ smile on my face. That’s me!

I’ve been hoofin’  around the horse world for quite some time now, capturing the beauty of Horses and the humans lucky enough to call them their own.

Whether it’s freezing a mid-air jump or catching that perfect mane toss, I’m always up for the challenge.

Photography isn’t just about clicking buttons for me – it’s about capturing moments that tell a story.

From the nervous excitement of a first-time rider to the sheer joy of a  win, I aim to freeze-frame those memories.

When I’m not behind the lens, you can find me saddling up one of my own.

So, whether you’re a seasoned equestrian pro or just having fun on the trail, let’s create some memories together.

Let’s make some photographic magic happen!

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